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Hydrow - How to Connect
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Connecting the Watch Link as a heart rate monitor


The Watch Link connects to the Hydrow as an ANT+ heart rate monitor.

This Watch Link will show up as a device with a label of 'Device: #####', where '####' is your Watch Link's unique ID number. 


This device will not show up in Hydrow's Bluetooth settings menu since it is not a Bluetooth device. Connecting to devices name 'Watch Link USB' or '<name> Watch Link' will not work on the Hydrow


It will only show up when you tap the 'heart rate monitor' button when you go to start a workout. 



If your Watch Link does not show up when you tap the ‘heart rate monitor’ button inside a workout, make sure you have the Watch Link app installed on your watch and your watch is paired to the Hydrow. If the device still does not show up, try reboot the Hydrow to reset the ANT+ receiver. 


Disconnecting during workout
If your Watch Link disconnects and reconnects during your workout, this can be caused by a number of issues:


1. Pod/USB Placement – The ANT+ antenna in the Hydrow is located on the back of the monitor. The ideal placement for the Pod is on the back of the monitor, just below the Hydrow logo. If you are using a USB, it is ideal to plug the USB directly into the port on the back of the Hydrow. You will need a micro-USB to USB adapter. If you are using a power brick to plug in your USB, the ideal location for the power brick is within 10’ of the Hydrow.

2. Low Battery - A low battery in a Pod can cause intermittent connection problems. You can check the battery life by navigating into Settings. See here for instructions on changing the battery. 

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