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Wahoo Fitness App Connection Guide
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Yes, it is possible to use your Apple Watch with your Wahoo Fitness App utilizing the WATCH LINK USB or WATCH LINK POD (see IMPORTANT NOTE below) device. 


The WATCH LINK USB requires a powered USB slot. If you are using the Wahoo Fitness App exclusively for indoor rides,

you can plug the WATCH LINK USB into any powered USB slot (i.e. a power brick as you might use for phone charging). 


If you are using the Wahoo Fitness App for outdoor rides, you will need a power source for the device. Here are two options on Amazon:


The Zendure Portable Charger (plug your USB into the portable charger for power). 


A lightning to USB-A adapter for your phone (plug the adapter into your phone and the USB into the adapter)


IMPORTANT NOTE: The WATCH LINK POD will not work for connecting to the Wahoo App running on the same iPhone as the Watch Link app. 

You either have to use the WATCH LINK USB or run the Watch Link app on a different device than you are running the Wahoo app on. What will work with the POD is

running the Watch Link app on your iPhone and the Wahoo app on an iPad. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].



How to connect

  1. Launch the iPhone app and press 'Tap to Start'. Follow the instructions to set up your account and pair your device
  2. Make sure your WATCH LINK is within 10ft of your phone.
    If you are pairing a USB, please make sure it is plugged into a power source.
    If you are pairing a Pod and you are not seeing it in the list, check your battery.
  3. Open the Watch Link app on your Apple Watch
  4. Select an activity type or press start to begin your workout
  5. Open the Wahoo app and select the 'Workout' tab
  6. Tap ‘pair or link sensors’
  7. Select ‘Add New Sensor'
  8. Select ‘Quickly pair a new sensor’
  9. Select 'WATCH LINK'
    Make sure your Watch Link is close to the iPad
  10. Save ‘WATCH LINK’ as a saved sensor


Additional info can be found on Wahoo's support page.


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