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Hydrow Connection Guide
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How to connect

  1. Launch the iPhone app and press 'Tap to Start'. Follow the instructions to set up your account and pair your device
  2. Make sure your WATCH LINK is within 10ft of your phone.
    If you are pairing a USB, please make sure it is plugged into a power source.
    If you are pairing a Pod and you are not seeing it in the list, check your battery.
  3. Open the Watch Link app on your Apple Watch
  4. Select an activity type or press start to begin your workout
  5. Find and select any workout on your Hydrow
  6. Tap on the Heart Rate Monitor button
  7. Find Device: (ID #) and tap the Connect button
  8. Your Watch Link will now be listed on the Currently Connected section
  9. Press the back button to return to the workout details page. It should now list your Watch Link as connected
  10.  Start your Hydrow workout!


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