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How do I reset the Pod?
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Reset your pod

  1. Delete the Watch Link phone and watch apps from your devices
  2. Open the Pod. To do so, grab a paperclip, dime, or the end of a lighting charging cable. Insert into the slot at the bottom of the Pod and twist. Set the top of the Pod casing (that includes the battery) to the sid
  3. Check the electronic board seating. At the bottom of the Pod casing, you will see the green electronic board. Pull gently up on the gold tab in the middle of the electronic board to remove it from the Pod casing. Then set the electronic board back into the Pod in the same placement as before. Make sure the green circle is at the top and press the edges of the electronic board back down to ensure it is seated firmly in place
  4. Put the Pod back together. Line up the top and bottom parts of the Pod casing. Snap the pieces back together by first pressing down on the Watch Link text, then pressing down at the top where the Watch Link icon is. You should see a red light flash once the Pod is correctly snapped back together
  5. To create a clean baseline for getting connected, reboot your workout gear
  6. Re-download the Watch Link app from the App Store. Once downloaded, repair your Pod again and reconnect to your workout gear
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