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Wahoo Fitness App Connection Process
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Echo needs to be in the foreground of your phone to establish a connection. Once connected, it can run in the background. 


Important Note: Echo and Wahoo must be running on different devices. Echo is not able to broadcast heart rate to an app running on the same phone as Echo. In the example below, we show Echo running on a phone connecting to the Wahoo app running on an iPad. This configuration will work just fine. 


How to connect

  1. Open Echo on your phone (you do not need to do anything on your watch). Tap to start so it says, 'Waiting to connect'
  2. Open the Wahoo app on your iPad and select the 'Workout' tab
  3. Tap ‘pair or link sensors’
  4. Select ‘Add New Sensor'
  5. Select ‘Quickly pair a new sensor’
  6. Select 'ECHO HR' Make sure your iPhone is close to the iPad
  7. Save ‘ECHO HR’ as a saved sensor


Additional info can be found on Wahoo's support page.

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